Are you tired of having to pay to access truck loads, quality carriers and brokers, rates data, and other nifty features? Let’s discuss the benefits of using free load boards.

What’s a Load Board?

A load board is an easy way to connect carriers and shippers. Essentially, it’s an online marketplace where freight brokers, owner-operators, and shippers can post and find loads.

Load boards play a critical role in the transportation of freight around the country.

Are Free Load Boards Worth It?

Free load boards can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere and on any device. Ultimately, this can reduce the time you spend driving your truck around with an empty trailer, commonly referred to as deadheading.

The problem with deadheading is it more than doubles your chances of getting into a crash. With an empty trailer, a driver may have a harder time controlling their rig. So, with the help of load boards, you can address those safety concerns. 

Some of the other notable benefits of using a free load board include:

  • They’re easy on your wallet
  • You can test a load board without the long-term commitment 
  • Access to competitive pricing
  • You can set up alerts for when you’re on the go
  • Greater earning potential 

The Best Free Load Boards

  1. C.H. Robinson 
  2. Coyote Logistics
  3. J.B. Hunt
  4. Schneider FreightPower
  5. Ryan Transportation
  6. Transfix
  7. XPO Logistics

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