DOT Compliance in  Florida

The transportation industry in Florida is a vital part of the state’s economy, with thousands of registered commercial vehicles on the road. However, staying compliant with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) regulations can be a challenging task for trucking companies.

That’s where TruckingHQ comes in. Our team of professionals can assist companies navigating the complex compliance requirements and avoiding penalties.

dot compliance in florida

Navigating DOT Compliance in the State of Florida

The Florida DOT (FDOT) imposes numerous rules on commercial vehicle operators, including driver qualifications, vehicle maintenance, and record-keeping standards.

  • Driver qualifications: Drivers must have a valid CDL and pass medical and background checks.
  • Vehicle inspections: All commercial vehicles must undergo routine safety inspections, with specified standards for tires, brakes, and other equipment.
  • Record keeping: Maintaining detailed records of driver qualifications, vehicle maintenance, and other compliance-related documents is required.

Why Choose TruckingHQ?

TruckingHQ understands the necessity of complying to FDOT requirements. Our team of professionals has years of experience in the trucking and transportation industries, as well as a thorough awareness of Florida’s compliance standards.

We provide a variety of services to assist businesses in remaining compliant, including:

  • Record keeping assistance: We can assist you with keeping detailed records and staying organized.
  • Regular compliance reviews: We will examine your business and identify any areas where you may be in violation.
  • Driver qualification assistance: We can assist you in ensuring that your drivers meet the FDOT’s qualifications.
  • Vehicle inspections: Our team can conduct regular safety inspections to ensure your vehicles meet the FDOT requirements.

The Cost of Non-Compliance

Staying compliant with FDOT regulations is essential for any trucking company operating in Florida. The cost of non-compliance can be significant, and the regulations can be complex and difficult to navigate.

That’s where TruckingHQ comes in. Our team of professionals can help you stay compliant and avoid penalties. Whether you need assistance with vehicle inspections, driver qualifications, or record keeping, we have the professionalise and experience to help. Don’t risk your compliance, choose TruckingHQ for peace of mind.

DOT Registration

UCR Filing

Biennial Updates


Drug & Alcohol

BOC-3 Filing 

Motor Carrier Authority



MC #
App changes
Drug Consortium
DQ File
Biannual Update

Clearinghouse Registration
Clearinghouse Queries
DOT Type change
DOT Reactivation



Authority transfer
MC Reinstate
Out of Business
DataQ Filing


Basic Authority Package

  • DOT
  • MC
  • BOC-3
  • UCR
  • Renewal Notices

Standard Authority Package (Non CDL)

Please keep in mind, if you are looking for a specific service that is not listed on this page, we may still be able to help.

Comprehensive Authority Package

  • DOT, MC for CDL operation
  • BOC-3, UCR
  • Drug Testing Compliance
  • Driver Qualification Files





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